List of Daily Home Design Reads

If you’re anything like us, you already have a long list of daily home design reads that keep your inspiration levels way up—and are a reliable resource for decorating, party planning, or redesigning. But just as the latest trends shift with the seasons, so too do our favorite websites.


We’ve gone through our bookmark bar (aka our little black book of home décor blogs) to uncover the talented resources that top the list. From big-name interior designers to DIY experts and everyday decorators with a knack for making the ordinary look extraordinary, there’s no shortage of inspiration among this bunch. So go on, get bookmarking. Stunning interiors, décor finds, and styling ideas are just a click away. 


Interior designer Amber Lewis’s blog takes you inside the creative workings of her Los Angeles–based studio. Keep an eye on this website for an industry insider’s point of view and interior images that convey Lewis’s modern bohemian aesthetic (hello, textile heaven).

Bookmark for… Before-and-after stories, on-the-ground trend scouting, designer and artist spotlights, and to shop unique rugs, cushions, and more.


Blogger Dabito is a jack of all trades: graphic designer, photographer, and art director. His blog, Old Brand New, is as overflowing with wide-ranging goodness as you might imagine someone with that many professional titles would be.

Bookmark for… DIY projects, interior trends, and personal photography.

The blog of Belgian designer Sarah Van Peteghem, Coco Lapine Design is the space where she shares all her up-to-the-minute inspirations. Her overarching aesthetic is clean and modern with a softly romantic touch.

Bookmark for… Aspirational home tours and inspiring mood boards.

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Latest Home Technology Trends

Smart devices have moved from our palms to our homes creating domiciles that continue to get more intuitive, with better eyes, ears, and even voices. The unmistakable result is that living spaces are rapidly becoming greener, safer and more centralized versions of themselves.

As you decide which technology you may want to prioritize in your pad, you’ll have a wide range of choices from both tech giants and indie darlings. Here’s a breakdown of the technology aiming to keep you safe, entertained and well-fed today.

Intelligent Security

Far from bulky cameras hidden inside stuffed teddy bears, the nanny cams of old have grown up to become more well-rounded and dependable home security systems with the added benefit of being controlled and viewed directly from your internet-enabled devices. HD security camera company Canary raised $10 million on Kickstarter for its innovative and attractive system, and companies like SimpliSafe offer full systems, including motion and glass break sensors, that users can set up on their own. Doors are also getting retrofitted with standouts like SkyBell turning them into command centers where you can see and speak to visitors from a thousand miles away.

Wireless Sound

In the entertainment department, wireless sound systems are racing to make sure you and your guests can enjoy Spotify and Pandora from every part of your home. With the newest products evolving from Bluetooth-dependent to Wi-Fi enabled, systems have become more refined and able to play different music, or video sound, in each space. So, say goodbye to pesky wires and stream your latest playlists with great options from Sonos and Samsung.

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The best espresso machine in 2016 for the office

I was surfing around the net the other day looking at good deals. That got me thinking. Was there a one fit all espresso machine? An espresso machine that could be used at home or at the office. The best espresso machine in 2016 that produces great tasting coffee and is simplistic, portable and of course wallet friendly.

So here is the result. In looking for a one fit all espresso machine, I anticipated that I’d have to make a tonne of compromises. The first would be that I wouldn’t be able to have a milk frother included in the machine. This was because it’d be more troublesome to maintain a machine that has a milk frother than maintaining one without. Goodbye lovely cappuccinos lattes and mochas.

I prefer espressos anyway.
Bye cappuccino. I prefer espressos anyway.

Next, I realised that a semi-automatic was out of the question. Nobody would have the time to pour fresh beans into an automatic grinder and then wait even longer for the espresso shot to drip out of the nozzle. Well, I guess if that was the case the cafeteria would always be hogged and productivity would be at an all time LOW.

So, the only logical option was to get a super-automatic espresso machine or a pod/capsule espresso machine. Since full fledged super-automatic espresso makers would have cost a bomb, I guess the best solution to the problem is a Nespresso espresso maker.

For quick clean up and ease of use, a Nespresso would be the best espresso machine for the home or office. It was a tie between the Nespresso Insignia, Citiz and the Pixie. If it was up to me, I’d not hesitate to pick the Pixie. It is reasonably priced and has all the necessary features to produce a good and quick afternoon pick me up or a morning cup of coffee.

If you don’t mind making some compromises, the Pixie is a budget friendly option that can work well no matter where you set it up. All you need to get it to work is a power source, a small cup and some nice Nespresso Pods. I really do think it is a perfectly convenient multipurpose espresso maker.

Good Espresso

Who needs to wait in line every single morning when you can have perfect single or double shots of espressos at in your very own kitchen. I truly believe that the only time you have to go out to pick up a cup of coffee from a cafe is when your espresso maker or grinder has bit the dust.

You might be wondering what makes a good shot of espresso. Well my dear friends, the answer is a lot more simpler than it seems. A good shot of espresso comes from a good espresso maker. It doesn’t really take skill or training but you’ll certainly need some fresh or pre-ground coffee beans and a decent espresso maker to make a satisfactory shot.

Koffee Kult
Koffee Kult

My favourite beans to use in an espresso shot are the Koffee Kult Dark Roast. These beans are just to die for. IT WAS absolutely flavourful and rich. For the price, this 5 pound bag of coffee beans was the perfect way to kick start my day. My morning ritual consists of dragging myself out of bed, getting to the kitchen filling my semi-automatic with these beans and starting my day the right way ~ with a DOUBLE SHOT. Paired with some scrambled eggs and some strips of bacon, I’m all fired up to go out in the world and get S@#$ done right!

It’s really noticeable how different a cup of espresso and a good breakfast makes my day. If I start my day right, the rest of my day seems to fall into place. I’m never cranky or late for work or meetings. This splendid double shot does the job right by keeping me productive all the way. ~untill I have my lunch break to refuel.

Espresso makers under $200

So I often wondered if I’d be able to get a reliable and functional espresso maker for under $200. Loving espressos is one thing but spending a truck load of money on it is another. I wanted to be certain that if I was going to be spending that much money on something. It was going to last for a very long time. favorite drink
Espresso…my favorite drink

Google is your best friend when it comes to these scenarios. You can find almost everything about a product online. Before I buy anything, I usually spend half a day researching the pros and cons of each product. I do try to use my hard earned money well you know. I read reviews, watch Youtube videos and Amazon comments do come in handy. So that’s exactly what you should be doing. It would really be quite pointless paying top dollar for a fancy looking piece of trash.

So there were 2 models in particular that really caught my attention. One of them was a super-automatic espresso machine and the other was a semi. Both these machines came with a sub 200 dollar price tag and a bunch of neat features. They are the best espresso maker under 200 dollars for 2016 to me.

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista

This is a super automatic machine that is really a bargain for the price. It comes with an automatic milk frother that channels milk directly into your cup. It really helps avoid the messy manual milk frothing routines that many other semi-automatic espresso machines have. The trade off is that you’ll be forced to give up quite a bit of manual control.

The one main thing that this espresso maker lacks is a bean grinder. So even though this espresso machine is able to produce coffee at a single touch, you’d still have manually grind your fresh coffee beans in a burr grinder.

The one touch control panel really helps with convenience, if I wanted an espresso machine that looked this good and produced amazing results, the Mr Coffee would be my to-go-to option.

Nespresso Pixie C60

The most wallet friendly super-automatic machine that I’ve found is one I have bought as a wedding gift. I gave this Nespresso machine to my brother some time ago. And , to this day, he and his wife have had no complaints. I use it quite a bit whenever I visit him.

This machine uses refillable pods. These pods give you countless variations of drinks to choose from. It also makes your drink in a jiffy, there is barely any waiting time at all. All you need to buy some nespresso Originalline pods and test out all their flavours.

So if you’re gift shopping or just looking for a new espresso machine, it’ll be worth giving these two options a shot. Cause they really are the best espresso maker under 200 dollars to me.