Good Espresso

Who needs to wait in line every single morning when you can have perfect single or double shots of espressos at in your very own kitchen. I truly believe that the only time you have to go out to pick up a cup of coffee from a cafe is when your espresso maker or grinder has bit the dust.

You might be wondering what makes a good shot of espresso. Well my dear friends, the answer is a lot more simpler than it seems. A good shot of espresso comes from a good espresso maker. It doesn’t really take skill or training but you’ll certainly need some fresh or pre-ground coffee beans and a decent espresso maker to make a satisfactory shot.

Koffee Kult
Koffee Kult

My favourite beans to use in an espresso shot are the Koffee Kult Dark Roast. These beans are just to die for. IT WAS absolutely flavourful and rich. For the price, this 5 pound bag of coffee beans was the perfect way to kick start my day. My morning ritual consists of dragging myself out of bed, getting to the kitchen filling my semi-automatic with these beans and starting my day the right way ~ with a DOUBLE SHOT. Paired with some scrambled eggs and some strips of bacon, I’m all fired up to go out in the world and get S@#$ done right!

It’s really noticeable how different a cup of espresso and a good breakfast makes my day. If I start my day right, the rest of my day seems to fall into place. I’m never cranky or late for work or meetings. This splendid double shot does the job right by keeping me productive all the way. ~untill I have my lunch break to refuel.

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