The best espresso machine in 2016 for the office

I was surfing around the net the other day looking at good deals. That got me thinking. Was there a one fit all espresso machine? An espresso machine that could be used at home or at the office. The best espresso machine in 2016 that produces great tasting coffee and is simplistic, portable and of course wallet friendly.

So here is the result. In looking for a one fit all espresso machine, I anticipated that I’d have to make a tonne of compromises. The first would be that I wouldn’t be able to have a milk frother included in the machine. This was because it’d be more troublesome to maintain a machine that has a milk frother than maintaining one without. Goodbye lovely cappuccinos lattes and mochas.

I prefer espressos anyway.
Bye cappuccino. I prefer espressos anyway.

Next, I realised that a semi-automatic was out of the question. Nobody would have the time to pour fresh beans into an automatic grinder and then wait even longer for the espresso shot to drip out of the nozzle. Well, I guess if that was the case the cafeteria would always be hogged and productivity would be at an all time LOW.

So, the only logical option was to get a super-automatic espresso machine or a pod/capsule espresso machine. Since full fledged super-automatic espresso makers would have cost a bomb, I guess the best solution to the problem is a Nespresso espresso maker.

For quick clean up and ease of use, a Nespresso would be the best espresso machine for the home or office. It was a tie between the Nespresso Insignia, Citiz and the Pixie. If it was up to me, I’d not hesitate to pick the Pixie. It is reasonably priced and has all the necessary features to produce a good and quick afternoon pick me up or a morning cup of coffee.

If you don’t mind making some compromises, the Pixie is a budget friendly option that can work well no matter where you set it up. All you need to get it to work is a power source, a small cup and some nice Nespresso Pods. I really do think it is a perfectly convenient multipurpose espresso maker.

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